This annual compilation of statistical data would not have been possible without the substantial help and guidance of a host of civil servants, at the Department of Communities and Local government, the Department of Work and Pensions, The Treasury, the National Assembly for Wales , the Scottish and Northern Ireland Executive Offices, the Office for National Statistics, and elsewhere.

Similar assistance was given from the Council of Mortgage Lenders, the Housing Corporation, Communities Scotland and many others. The enormous help they have all once again provided in the compilation of this year's edition of the Review is most readily and gratefully acknowledged.

Much of the statistical data presented here is generally available in a variety of published, or publicly available, statistical series, and sources are comprehensively acknowledged against each table in the Review.

This year thanks are again due to Alan Lewis for his help in updating much of the compendium of tables in the Review. The editor is also particularly grateful to Alan Holmans, these days at Cambridge Housing and Planning Research, for his article in this year's edition of the Review.

This year the Review has been again been produced jointly by the Council of Mortgage Lenders and the Chartered Institute of Housing. Thanks are thus variously due to Alan Dearling, John Perry and Peter Williams for their hard work, support and creative contributions in producing this edition of the Review.

Thanks are also due to my colleagues at University of York , Jane Allen and Nicholas Pleace, for their work on the website for the Review.

There are many more agencies to thank for their financial support for the Review this year, including the Department of Communities and Local Government, the Housing Corporation, the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, the National Assembly for Wales, the Scottish and Northern Ireland Executive Offices, Communities Scotland and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive. The support of all these government agencies for the Review, representing all parts of the UK , is particularly welcome given that from time to time the Review will inevitably raise issues that are challenging for one or another of those agencies.

Thanks are also due to Notting Hill Housing who have this year covered the costs of the Contemporary issues section of the Review.

For all the diverse help provided, and despite every attempt that has been made to check and double-check all the figures included in the Review and the construction put upon them, the final responsibility for any errors, omissions or misjudgements is entirely the responsibility of the editor. The views expressed in the Review are the responsibility of the respective authors.

December 2006

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