Housing expenditure plans

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Figure 2.4.1 Additional affordable housing delivered in Wales Figure 2.4.1 (PDF)
Figure 2.4.2 Welsh housing capital expenditure Figure 2.4.2 (PDF)
Table 2.4.1 Summary of planned government support for affordable and private market housing investment in England Table 2.4.1 (PDF)   Table 2.4.1 (Docx)
Table 2.4.2 Affordable Homes Programme 2015-18: committed output by region Table 2.4.2 (PDF)   Table 2.4.2 (Excel)
Table 2.4.3 Average 2015-2018 funding per home to date by operating region Table 2.4.3 (PDF)   Table 2.4.3 (Excel)
Table 2.4.4 Affordable housing starts and completions funded by the HCA and GLA Table 2.4.4 (PDF)   Table 2.4.4 (Excel)
Table 2.4.5 Average proposed Affordable Rents under the AHP 2015-18 compared with market rents Table 2.4.5 (PDF)   Table 2.4.5 (Excel)
Table 2.4.6 Post-settlement local authority housing revenue accounts in England Table 2.4.6 (PDF)   Table 2.4.6 (Excel)
Table 2.4.7 Scottish Government Affordable Housing Supply Programme: completions Table 2.4.7 (PDF)   Table 2.4.7 (Excel)
Table 2.4.8 Northern Ireland Social Housing Development Programme: completions Table 2.4.8 (PDF)   Table 2.4.8 (Excel)
Table 2.4.9 Budgeted net housing capital investment in Northern Ireland Table 2.4.9 (PDF)   Table 2.4.9 (Excel)

Note: The majority of the tables in the Review contain UK-based figures, but sometimes figures for Great Britain are used depending upon the sources. All other tables will refer to the country(ies) concerned. Where English regional figures are shown, this is usually indicated in the title. Tables showing breakdowns between England, Wales, Scotland and/or Northern Ireland are indicated with a single *, and those showing international comparisons with two **.

Data in tables and figures is frequently rounded and/or updated and therefore will not always add up exactly.