Each edition of the Review includes a number of chapters on Contemporary Issues. These are available in the print editions and downloadable here one year after publication. The chapters currently available from recent editions are listed below.


  1. Land value capture through planning and taxation Mark Stephens
  2. Social rented housing: More of the same or a real shift in policy? John Perry
  3. The rapid rise of short-term lets and the implications for the housing market Alasdair Rae


  1. The realities of assistance to first-time buyers Peter Williams and Steve Wilcox
  2. Planning frameworks and housing delivery Mark Stephens
  3. How the purpose of social housing has changed and is changing John Perry and Mark Stephens


  1. A waiting game: how Brexit might affect the housing market, supply and demand John Perry and Peter Williams
  2. Requiem for a relationship? Housing in the UK and the European Union Mark Stephens
  3. Another turn of the screw: the further effects of 'welfare reform' Steve Wilcox
  4. Some reflections from 25 years of the UK Housing Review Steve Wilcox


  1. Pushing the social sector to the margins Steve Wilcox
  2. A decade of diminishing welfare Steve Wilcox
  3. Evolving devolution Mark Stephens


  1. Where austerity bites: the current and future impacts of welfare reform on housing Steve Wilcox and Peter Williams
  2. Divided generations - housing's growing impact on inequality Peter Williams and Steve Wilcox
  3. Ten unresolved housing issues for the next government John Perry


  1. Turning the screw: welfare reforms in practice Steve Wilcox
  2. Housing policy in the eye of the storm: recent experiences in the Republic of Ireland Eddie Lewis