This annual compilation of statistical data relies on substantial help and guidance from civil servants at the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government, the Department for Work and Pensions, the Treasury, the Welsh Government, the Scottish Government, the Northern Ireland Executive, the Office for National Statistics and elsewhere. Similar assistance was provided by UK Finance, Homes England, the Greater London Authority and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive. Their enormous help in compiling this year's Review is most readily and warmly acknowledged.

We are particularly grateful for the collective help provided by this year's sponsors (see cover), without whom the 27th edition (and future editions) would not be published, especially since the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government is no longer able to make a financial contribution (although it keenly provides 'support in kind'). It is particularly pleasing that among the sponsors are the Scottish Government, Welsh Government and the Northern Ireland Housing Executive.

The Urban Institute at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh has formal editorial responsibility for the Review, led in this by Professor Mark Stephens. The Review is published by the Chartered Institute of Housing with John Perry as production editor.

This is the first edition of the Review without a substantial contribution from its first editor, Steve Wilcox. The editorial team would like to record their enormous thanks to him for his untiring work in maintaining the Review over a quarter century, ensuring that it never missed a single year and - almost - ensuring it missed no relevant statistical information about housing in the UK.

For all the diverse help provided, and despite every attempt that has been made to check the figures included in the Review and the construction put upon them, the final responsibility for any errors, omissions or misjudgements is entirely that of the authors. The views expressed in the Review are also the responsibility of the respective authors.

April 2019

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